Benefits of Metal Roofing on a Home

Whether building a new home or realizing its time to replace an existing roof, it’s important to carefully consider the different materials that are available. There are so many benefits, that a great number of homeowners are considering metal roofing options. Those wondering what the advantages are can find some specifics below.

Overall Longevity

Compared with other options on the market, metal roofs offer enhanced longevity. They can last as long as 70 years, depending on the quality of the material. When comparing this to an asphalt roof, they are only expected to last about 20 years. With a longer lifespan, there is no need to worry about replacing the structure any time soon. This means that money will be saved in the long run.

Low Maintenance

Metal roofs are much more resistant to damage from the elements. They can withstand the strong ultraviolet rays from the sun, strong winds, and heavy winds with ease. This is why they need less maintenance than other materials. Even with that being said, it is still ideal to have the roof inspected every couple of years to see that it doesn’t require any repairs.


In addition to this, metal roofs are able to resist fire more effectively than asphalt or wooden options. Even if lightning strikes or a nearby fire occurs, the metal won’t ignite or spark. However, wood shingles can lead to a serious situation very fast should a fire occur. So, with a metal roof, there is enhanced safety and some insurance companies recognize this.

Energy Efficient

Since a metal roof will reflect the sun’s heat, instead of absorbing it, a home won’t take in nearly as much heat in those hottest days of summer. Therefore, the air conditioning will not need to work nearly as hard to keep those inside comfortable. This can greatly impact the cooling bills and help families save money every month.

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