Richmond Hill Realtors Help People Buy and Sell Homes

When buying a home, people concentrate on getting the best home for their money. They also want the best location for their family. But, what do they do when it is time to sell their existing home to facilitate purchasing the new one? They can turn to Richmond Hill Realtors for help and advice on making their home easier to sell for more money. A few home improvement tasks will draw buyers and close the deal.

Should Sellers Paint Their Homes?

If the home’s rooms are looking a little worn and drab, paint can do miracles. Rooms painted bright or dark colors can be painted light, neutral colors for a new appealing look. Studies have shown that homes with dark colors such as brown or brick red sell for less. A fresh coat of paint makes a home look newer and better cared for.

What About Curb Appeal?

Buyers may drive right by homes with messy, overgrown yards, faded paint, and clutter. Take the time to get the grass and landscaping features in good shape. Paint faded trim. Powerwash the front of the house and the roof. Prune trees and shrubs, and add new mulch. Remove dead plants or trees. Clean the gutters. Remove anything that is not part of the landscape.

Stand at the street and look at the house and yard. Is it welcoming? Would adding some potted plants make the property look more appealing?

Upgrade the Kitchen and Bathrooms

Consider upgrading the kitchen and bathrooms with small, affordable changes. Start with a good cleaning and go from there. Remove clutter from the countertops. Replace the knobs and pulls. Consider painting or refinishing the cabinets. Update the lighting fixtures. Replace the shower curtain, bath rug, and towels with coordinating ones.

It might be worth investing in new countertops if the budget allows. Everyone likes stone countertops. If the existing laminate countertops are looking worn, replace them with more appealing ones.

Repairs, Repairs, Repairs

Work on all the repairs that have been put off. Fix leaky faucets, damaged trim, light switches that don’t work, damaged walls and trim, and more. Clean the carpets or replace the flooring in some rooms. Do everything to make the house more appealing to a buyer without breaking the bank.