The Ethics of Suing an At-Fault Driver When Automotive Insurance Doesn’t Cover All Expenses

An automotive insurance company is only required to pay the maximum of the policyholder’s coverage. Unfortunately, this may not be enough to cover all of an injured person’s expenses after another driver causes a serious collision. This man or woman may want to consider hiring an attorney if the at-fault driver has enough assets to make filing a lawsuit against this person a reasonable possibility.

Maximum Automotive Coverage

This individual may be struggling with the idea that suing the other person is unethical in some way. After all, that person did have automotive insurance as the law requires. The insurance company, for example, may only offer maximum coverage up to $100,000 per individual in an accident. That may not have been enough to cover all the expenses associated with a serious injury.

Most Collisions Could Be Prevented

Most vehicle crashes could have been prevented. It may help the injured person feel more comfortable about filing suit when taking into account the at-fault driver’s responsibility. It is unlikely that what happened was totally out of the other driver’s control. Perhaps that person was speeding on the highway or in a residential area. Running a red light and colliding with a vehicle can cause severe injuries, especially when that car doesn’t have side airbags. Many accidents happen now because drivers are distracted by cell phones.

Expenses Beyond Coverage Amounts

Hiring an attorney with an organization like Barbera Law may be the best way to protect one’s rights in this situation. The individual’s own medical insurance will pay costs beyond what the other driver’s automotive policy pays, but there probably are co-pay amounts and a deductible to fulfill. In addition, there may be months of lost wages that should be compensated.

Relevant Statistics

All of this is very expensive for nearly anyone. Medical bills are the top reason U.S. residents file for bankruptcy. A study from Harvard University found that 62 percent of bankruptcies have medical bills as the main reason, yet 78 percent of people filing for bankruptcy have health insurance. Consulting a personal injury lawyer about the possibility of filing a lawsuit is advisable.